Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada

Another feast for breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon (from pigs they raised), toast, homemade jelly, orange juice, and coffee. Wow! Lorrie, you sure know how to send four cyclists off for a long day of riding. Thanks!
Susan and I took off together and left the guys to find their own way to Marine City. We chatted the entire time and 40 miles was completed before we knew it. This picture is for Justin, who loves antique tractors and gas pumps (between the doors of the barn):

Marine City on the St Clair River, which drains Lake Huron in St Clair Lake and forms a boundary with Ontario Canada.

St Clair Lake then drains into the Detroit River which empties into Lake Erie, therefore this is also a major shipping channel connecting the Great Lakes. Dick arrived first and we took the next ferry, a rather small chug-along type that reminded us of the Elkhorn Ferry when we were little kids in Rio Linda and had to cross the Sacramento River to go to Woodland and points west.

We are about to arrive in Sombra, Ontario, Canada.

Immediately we noticed much less traffic and polite drivers who moved to the far lane whenever possible. Ahhh! Tonight we got a motel in Wallaceburg because there were no available campgrounds. We would learn later that Susan and Parker were also in Wallaceburg but were more adventurous and pitched their tent between a church and its annex.

Miles completed = 3425

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