Friday, August 20, 2010

To Booth's Harbor

Brother-in-law Tom, the Geologist told us about riding the Niagara Escarpment back when we were riding along Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but we hardly noticed any escarpment then. Today's escarpment (not the Niagara one) was brutal. Every time a river ran into Lake Erie, the county road was so steep. This is fun going downhill, but required pushing my bike up the other side TWICE today. Windfarms were everywhere today with lots of construction for more going on.Asparagus:
Behind a chain link fence, small herd of huge reindeer:

Crops frequently grew on top of the escarpment with a sliver of Lake Erie in the background:

The worst steep hill took us down to Fin and Feather Marina & Campground in Booth's Harbor.

Miles completed = 3568

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