Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To Bull Lake, Montana

We're still on SR200 and just a few miles down the road, we crossed into Montana.
After turning onto SR56 and riding about 8.5 miles, we came to the turnoff to a historic ranger station. Gina from Sandpoint had suggested we go up the road and stay here last night, but it was just too far away and today it was not far enough.

Along the Bull River, we met an Idaho couple and their fishing guide. They told us to keep watch up the road for a big grizzly lounging in a meadow. We looked and looked, but could not spot the bear, which may have been a good thing.

Tonight's campground is Dorr Skeels on Bull Lake. Camping fee = $0.

Miles completed = 656


  1. your helmet is still wonky!!
    Maybe Dick can adjust it when you're not looking...?

  2. I tightened the strap. Really, I did. If I cinch it down tight, it's an instant pressure headache. I think I need a custom-made specially-padded helmet.