Saturday, May 29, 2010

To Eureka

It started raining during the night, stopped just long enough to have breakfast and pack up our gear, then it started again and didn't stop all day. I wore plastic bags between my socks and shoes and we both suited up in full rain gear. Nevertheless, it was a cold, wet, miserable day with lots of ups and downs. The only slightly more comfortable times were climbing UP the hills. I looked forward to climbing, the generated heat wonderful. No pedaling on the downhills, just the slowest coasting possible. Never did I think I would ever write the previous two sentences - I have never enjoyed climbing hills/mountains and I do love flying downhill avoiding the brake as much as possible. Lake Koocanusa:
It was 21 miles to the small town of Rexford. Our map said there was a restaurant, we found it! It was warm inside, we ate 1/2-pound hamburgers and "jo jos" - one pound of fried potato wedges. The hot coffee also served to warm our hands. We lingered, waiting for a break in the rain. Finally we had to make a break for it. On to Eureka, a town of just 1000 at the crossroads of SR 37 and Hwy 93. It's cold wet days like this that insist we get a motel.

Today's road treasure: fishing tackle. Dick now needs to find/Macgyver whatever else he needs to begin providing fish for our meals.

Miles completed = 758


  1. I am not going fishing. Don't tell Arlete, this is a necklace for her birthday.

    But, speaking of fish, we have seen every kind of road kill but today is a first. A fish squashed on the road.

  2. Ha, I saw the fishing tackle and thought "That's MUCH TO NICE, it would make a nice necklace. Good for you. She will love it.