Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To Port Townsend

We took Kate's suggestion and followed Bond Rd, then Big Valley Road to get back on the Adventure Cycling Route - thanks, Kate, an excellent route.

What an improvement to the 1.5 mile Hood Canal Bridge since the last time we rode it in 2003 when there were no shoulders and lots of fast-moving traffic. Today there is a wide shoulder and the metal grate sections have a 3-foot-wide smooth concrete lane.

We must be acclimated to Californa/Mexico. We are generally COLD. Today I wore 3 layers on the bottom, 4 layers on the top. All day it was climb uphill and sweat, fly downhill and freeze. Then it began to rain in Port Ludlow. On went another layer - rain gear. We had lunch at a bus stop where there was a small shelter. I guess I looked pretty pitiful because Dick bought us oatmeal cookies to get some energy for the rest of the day's ride. (I'll have to remember that little trick.)

Finally we arrived in Port Townsend and found tonight's Warmshowers host. More on that tomorrow, I'm completely exhausted and I'm going to bed.

Miles completed = 59

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  1. 59 miles! Good ride. Glad to see you both back in the saddle. It sounds like the start of our ride was like our entire winter in Florida. Travel lite.