Friday, May 21, 2010

To Ione

We had a rather cold night - 25 degrees, everything is wet or covered with frost. Nevertheless, it was time to move on. 2000' of relatively easy climbing today on Hwy 20 which is sometimes called the Tiger Highway. There was one scenic viewpoint - Crystal Falls.

And then it started to rain. No, that's snow!

To be honest, it snowed for as long as it took to get this picture and put on our raingear. We made such good progress today that we passed up several campgrounds and ended up in Ione, a small community of about 500. We found a great campground, Cedar RV Park, with a most friendly proprietor - Linda, and lots of amenities. Dick's favorite comes in the morning when Linda will bring him hot coffee after she sees that we up and moving around.

Temperatures are below normal and we wonder, "Will it rain tonight?" Please don't let it be as cold.

Miles completed = 487

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  1. I am SO ENJOYING your ride (as I sit here warm inside the house with MY computer and wifi. Great picture and as I expected wonderful people to meet along the way. Hang in there it will bet warmer.