Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Libby

It sprinkled during the night, but was dry in the morning as we had breakfast and packed up our gear. Within 5 miles of riding, we pulled into a closed (no coffee this morning, Dick) restaurant and I put on my rain gear. Dick spotted a real phone booth and had to see if it worked (it did). Phone booths are almost obsolete, right?

If it looks like there's heavier rain in the distance, you're be totally right.

The light rain slowly increased in intensity, and by the time we turned onto Hwy 2, it was pouring. We still had 15 miles to go. It was a slog and my rain gear didn't keep out all the rain. I bet it was pretty road, along the Kootenai (pronounced "KOOT-nee) River, but my head was down and turned to the right to avoid the side-splash from big trucks.

A great big thank-you to Susie and Greg, our Warmshowers hosts tonight in Libby. They moved one of their vehicles outside so we could drape some of our soaked gear all over their garage. We did two loads of laundry, had an excellent meal and great conversation. For the past 16 years, Susie has organized STOKR, a fundraising bicycle ride for 400 people which benefits Habitat for Humanity.

Miles completed = 686


  1. I don't think it's just luck that you keep meeting all these nice people who offer to share their homes and provide a good meal.

  2. is a wonderful group of volunteers who host bicycle tourists. We contact them ahead of time to confirm availability and continually find their kindness and generosity incredible.