Monday, May 10, 2010

Trail Magic

Dick and I were discussing what to do for the night? Where should we camp? Go back 2 1/2 miles to the campground. Go back a mile or so and camp behind the fire station? Food would be no problem - Dick was already planning to cook brown rice with peanut butter. Sound yummy?

A truck came down the road and stopped. The driver's daughter, Maya, had spotted us and said, "Dad, bicycle tourists! You have to stop." Rob asked if we needed help and told us he was a local Warmshowers host and we were welcome to stay at their house for the night. We accepted. I was so relieved. He made tacos for dinner. Maya and her brother Wiley showed us the little cabin in the backyard where we would be staying.

A perfect example of Trail Magic and Warmshowers hospitality. We were so grateful.

52 miles today and I have some sore body parts. Miles completed = 256

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