Saturday, May 8, 2010

To Rockport

You have to give Jim a lot of credit for living life to the fullest even though he's deaf (he has a cochlear implant in one ear) and is essentially blind, he does have centralized vision in one eye. He rides his 3-wheeled recumbent bike with power-assist to do all his errands and local trips using a 4x device attached to his glasses to see what's ahead.

Jim rode into town with us and told us about the annual LoggeRodeo.

There's a cedar log carving competition, the finished products are displayed in front of downtown businesses.
Sasquatch, a legend in these parts:

We didn't follow the Adventure Cycling route, but rather stayed on Hwy 20 all the way to Rockport. By the end of the day, we were camped alongside the Skagit River at Howard Miller Steelhead Park, an excellent county park.

Miles completed = 170

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