Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Twisp

We said our goodbyes to Rob in the morning and rode to the Mazama Country Store to have a cup of coffee and say goodbye to Ina who was working. It was a gentle generally downhill ride through the Methow Valley.Winthrop was a cute little town, so it must be time for breakfast #2.

Whooping it up on a different kind of saddle.

We got to Twisp in mid-afternoon so there was plenty of time to go to the library before heading to our Warmshowers host for the night, Scot.

Miles completed = 281

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  1. I'm enjoying your ride and comments. Arlete, I can't help but noticing two things. You are now wearing your helmet at a rakish angle and you have swapped your pull cart for panniers. Looks like Ole Dick will have to be careful charting a course down those hairpin turns.