Friday, May 28, 2010

To Rocky Gorge Recreation Area

A wonderful breakfast of pancakes and cantaloupe by Susie. A great way to start a day's ride. And then she asked if we would like lefse (a thin potato-based Norwegian pancake). You should have seen Dick's eyes light up. As we rode along SR 37, several trains in a row rolled down the tracks on the other side of the Kootenai River. The bright orange locomotives made a nice contrast to all the greens.

Libby Dam. On the other side is Lake Koocanusa which is 90 miles long and backs up 42 miles into Canada. A Libby resident suggested the name taking KOO from Kootenai, CAN from Canada, and USA.
We met our first bicycle tourist, Dave from Calgary who was riding to an Amtrak station (I can't remember which one) then riding from Portland to San Francisco. He didn't know about Warmshowers, so we gave him the information and Susie and Greg's contact info in Libby, but he wasn't sure he'd ride that far today. Dave only has one month to complete his tour which made us feel pretty lucky to be able to take our time.

Tonight we camped at Rocky Gorge Recreation Area, keeping an eye on the sky. There were sprinkles the last two miles (of 42 miles for today) and while we made camp. I quickly put up the tent and Dick started dinner immediately. We were in bed at 6:30, completely exhausted.

Miles completed = 729

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