Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Colonial Creek CG east of Newhalem

Again, we stayed on Hwy 20 rather than the AC route and saved 5 miles. Marblemount was the place to provision for the next few days.The road and the mountains ahead of us.

After Newhalem, the serious climbing (2.8 mph) began as we entered the Ross Lake National Recreation Area. There are several hydroelectric plants along the way, all run by Seattle City Light.

Press the button and flashing lights start up along with an illuminated center line. Dick went second wanting to make sure I could get through the uphill tunnel while the lights were still on. Lots of water dripping inside and I wish cars did feel the need to honk their horns.

Gorge Dam.

Ugh! Some steep climbs to get to Colonial Creek Campground, 7 miles east of Newhalem. But no whining allowed, there's so much climbing left to do.

Miles completed = 204

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