Saturday, May 15, 2010

To Wauconda

Based on the profile map and lots of mathematical calculations (done by Dick, at my request in an attempt ease my climbing angst), this was supposed to be the easiest of the five Washington passes. Wrong! It was different, but just as hard as the previous three. 24 miles to the top with 3300 feet elevation gain. The road stair-stepped with some steep sections, then less steep sections, and a few seemingly flatter areas which I call "fake downhills."

Somewhere along Hwy 20:

The town of Wauconda was about 20 miles up the hill, not quite to the top, and there was a campground available. "Town" was an exaggeration - three sad-looking buildings clustered together. The store was unlocked when there were customers, the cafe/post office/saloon had no customers.

"Campground" was also an exaggeration - a large grass area near an old schoolhouse, several RV sites under development, a porta-potty available, a faucet with running water, no people, and apparently free.
Dick cooked dinner on top of the falling-apart barbecue and could do it from a reclining position.

Miles completed = 378

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