Monday, May 31, 2010

To North Dickey Lake

Of course it rained today as we rode out of Eureka on Tobacco Rd. Shortly after we turned onto Barnaby Lake Rd, a vehicle stopped and warned us of a bear that had just crossed the road. We rode on scanning from side to side, wanting to see the bear and afraid to see it at the same time. There it was! - a beautiful young cinnamon-orange bear. We all stopped to look at each other, but the bear wasn't very interested in us and ambled on. I wanted so much to take a picture but thought moving along was the prudent thing to do; Dick agreed.

In Fortine, we stopped at a little market to eat lunch and met Gordy, a retired CHP officer who was campground host at North Dickey Lake Campground. He talked us into staying there tonight. It rained as we put up the tent, and all afternoon and all night.

Gordy keeps the flags flying.

The table at our site came with a bouquet left by the previous occupants.

Miles completed = 779

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