Saturday, August 20, 2011

Class of 1966: My Gang

When I was packing for our current bicycle tour, I found this picture album in one of the boxes that didn't have any bicycle equipment, it caught my eye.
Some of the following pictures are from 1966, but some were dated 1961-62. I tried to select only pictures for the RLSHS Class of 1966, but there may be a mistake or two in this batch.

Tish U

Alan M

Pat O

Randy G

Tom S

Tony A

Kim P

Linda S

I know, not a member our our graduating class, but he made it into My Gang, anyway.
Gene B
Barbara M
Joe D
Linda Z
Terry D
Edith S
Pat L
Pat L
Lloydene W
Lloydene W
Roni V
Eric D
Eric D
Diana B
Diana B
Paula S
Paula S
Marilyn J

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