Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Hartville

The morning was nicely cool for riding, it was overcast. Then the lightning and thunder started and it seemed to be spreading out in front of me. It was obviously headed in my direction. When I saw this bolt, I called Dick to come pick me up.
As we drove to Everton, it began to sprinkle, then to really pour.  We drove on, thankful we had the car to keep us dry and safe.  By the time we got to Marshfield, the storm was almost over and Dick decided to ride.  We arrived in Hartville in mid-afternoon and went to the Lollipop Diner for a cold drink and to get online since the library connection didn't work.
Camping is allowed on the courthouse lawn.  They even let you inside to use the bathroom up until midnight if you go to the sheriff's office and ring the buzzer.  No showers, however.
There's our camp set up next to the library.  We visited in the late afternoon with jurors who'd been dismissed, county workers as they left work, and lawyers with the large rolling briefcases and carts with boxes of legal documents, they were the last to leave the building.
This butterfly graciously let Dick take several pictures, first one side, then the other before getting tired of his gentle handling.
Miles = 2356

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