Friday, August 5, 2011

To Boulder

Dick and I are opposites when it comes to preferred riding terrain. Today, Dick wanted to climb 2748 feet for 13 miles to the top of Loveland Pass at 11,998'. I was to pick him up at the top, no downhills for him, oh no.
Meanwhile I strolled the banks of Lake Dillon and watched a class painting plein air before heading out.
Here, he's almost to the top, one more hairpin turn to go:
There were a lot of tourists at the top, several gave him a round of applause.
We drove to Golden.  The final 20 miles to Boulder were mine.  SR-93 is a busy stretch of road.
We have arrived at destination #1, Boulder Colorado!  This is the new home of Dick's younger son, Mike, and his wife, Nicole.  Time for a little and welcome break.

Change of bicycle touring plans.  As we sat in a coffee shop waiting for Mike to get off work, Dick said, "What if . . . we just keep riding east?"  You mean, the mountain climbing would be almost over?  Was I ecstatic?  You betcha. 

Miles = 1537

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