Monday, August 1, 2011

To Stevens Creek Campground W of Gunnison

Looking back at Montrose as I rode out of town early in the morning.
Just a few miles up the road was SR 347, the turnoff for Black Canyon National Park.  This canyon is unlike any of the many we've seen so far on this bicycle tour.  It's 48-miles long, carved by Gunnison River which drops an average of 43 feet/mile (The Grand Canyon drops an average of 7.5 ft/mi) making it very steep and narrow, just 40 feet across at its narrowest point.

Back on the main road, I climbed to the top of Cerro Summit, not a big climb therefore I couldn't complain too much.  Going down the other side:
We switched riding duties in Cimmaron.  It was Dick's turn to climb.  As you can see, sometimes the shoulders are very narrow.  Trucks are almost always very courteous and move over as much as possible, RVs are the worst.  Feeling a nearby whoosh from a too-close vehicle makes your heart skip a beat.
He had a great tailwind as he rode along Blue Mesa Reservoir in Curecanti National Recreation Area but those darkening skies brought a typical late-afternoon rain.
Stevens Creek Campground:
Miles = 1363

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