Monday, August 22, 2011

To Golden City, Missouri

Today we finished Kansas and Missouri began.
Dick was having trouble with his bike and needed a bike shop. There was one in Pittsburg, but it was closed on Monday. While I went to the library to research solutions and make phone calls, Dick continued to ride, but was certain a bearing in the rear wheel. I met him in Golden City, we loaded the bike and drove 60 miles to Springfield where A & B Bicycles was open until 8 pm. It was a bad bearing and couldn't be fixed easily so we had to buy a new wheel. This meant we arrived back in Golden City quite late.  (I took this picture the following morning.)
The worst usable shower so far.  (The very worst showers = not taking one.)  The only hook was a pipe sticking out of the wall, the only dry spot was a 6" square in one corner.
Miles = 2310

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