Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Dillon

The tent was a soggy dirty mess this morning. We packed up early and went to Subway for breakfast. Yes! you can get a $5 Footlong for breakfast too. It was nice to have a dedicated bike trail for the next 7 miles.
Without the AC map and its elevation profile, I thought it would be easy to ride 23 miles to Breckenridge.  All of the "welcome to our town" signs in Colorado say nothing about population, but do tell you their elevation.
It wasn't an easy ride at all and when I came to a sign that said "Hoosier Pass, 11,532' - 4 miles," I was ready to cry (maybe I did cry a little bit).  After Alma, I'd already been riding on a shoulderless road, with fast traffic that scared me.  When Dick suggested we load the bike and skip this part, I was so relieved.  In Breckenridge, we took a little break and I did some research at the public library since we weren't sure where the next campground was.  Dick decided to take the day off (the news on Bloomberg radio was riveting!) and nothing but bike trails were ahead so I rode on.  It's so nice to not deal with vehicles whizzing by.
The next 20 miles took me to Frisco then around Lake Dillon where recreation opportunities abound.
We camped at Prospector Campground on the other side of the lake.  Frisco is in the background.  Many trees have been cut down in this campground to hopefully control the pine beetle infestation.
Miles = 1504

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