Monday, August 29, 2011

To Lake Malone State Park near Dunmor Kentucky

Up early in the morning to cross the Ohio River.
Looking downriver:
Looking upriver:
Here comes Kentucky:
The roads were still narrow and shoulderless so we drove to the West Kentucky Parkway which we thought we'd be able to ride.  However, the "Parkways" in Kentucky are limited access roads and no bicycles, pedestrians, or "animals on foot" are allowed.  There was a state route that followed alongside the parkway and Dick thought it was ok to ride - there was a bit of a shoulder. It was already too hot for me so it was all-Dick for the second day in a row.
Not so many miles today due to a blister on one of his toes.  I picked him up in Depoy and we drove to the nearest campground at Lake Malone State Park.

Miles = 2656

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