Sunday, August 28, 2011

To Cave-in-Rock

Again, we thought the road was not safe to ride so we drove to Harrisburg where IL-13 was a multi-lane highway with a big wide shoulder. Since it was too hot for me to ride, Dick did all the riding today. Meanwhile I had time to go to the local library and get online. On the way out I noticed this sign
and this row of jars. What a great fund-raising activity.
The jar at the far right seems to have the most money in it at this point:
Dick rode 67 miles today while I did the grocery shopping.  I met him in Cave-in-Rock at the state park campground.  The main streets of the town - a total of about 3 blocks - all had brightly painted red benches and flower pots. 
Painted on a wooden fence, a view of the actual cave along the Ohio River.
The RV sites with electricity and water were quite nice. 
However our primitive tent camping site was up a hill on not-quite-level rather rocky ground.

Miles = 2622

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