Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Toronto

The night continued to cool off - thank goodness - it even rained a bit near dawn. The cloud cover continued as I rode away in the morning was most welcome. This area of Kansas has a large Mennonite population and an amazing number of churches.
Almost every town along the way tries to distinguish itself in some way:
Unfortunately at the same intersection in the above picture, Dick took a wrong turn.  It took a while for me to figure that out.  We each began to backtrack.  I was going to pick Dick up and take him back to the wrong-turn intersection, but he decided to take this dirt road which was a short-cut to get back to the route.
The sign for this side road has a double meaning, don't you think?
We camped at Toronto Point Campground in Cross Timbers State Park, about 2 miles from the town of Toronto.  There are four campgrounds to choose from here, but Toronto Point is the only one with showers available.  Again, it's amazing how little used the campgrounds are.  Is it too hot?  Do Kansans not go camping much?
Miles = 2169

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