Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To La Crosse

To illustrate some hazards of the road in Kansas, today I encountered chemical spraying with the wind blowing from the north across my path (pedal fast, hold your breath as long as possible),
two vehicles coming at you (get off the road and stop),
and a plowing tractor stirring up lots of brown dust (pedal fast and turn away).
We had lunch in Ness City at El Dos de Oros where I got to practice my Spanish.  Dessert for Dick next door at Frigid Creme was free because it took took too long to serve him.  The coffee will help him ride the next leg.
I waited in Rush Center while Dick rode toward me.  This truck, perhaps a drunk driver, almost side-swiped Dick about 8 miles before arriving at this intersection.  He was rattled and called me.  I called 911 and got ready with my camera.
 La Crosse is home to the Barbed Wire Museum - who would have thought?  It was just across the creek from our campsite.

Although there was a private campground in town, this free city park was very good:
Miles = 1951

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