Saturday, August 27, 2011

To Little Grassy Lake Campground near Carbondale, Illinois

I got a little excited when I saw a decent shoulder ahead of me this morning, they are virtually nonexistent in Missouri. Sadly, the shoulder was marred with a rumble strip. The worker must have been disoriented when it was applied because it also wove across the white line to the outside road edge.
Eastern Missouri is home to Crown Valley Brewery and many vineyards:
I hope this picture illustrates how hilly this area is and the complete lack of a shoulder.  I had a scary experience this morning.  I was trudging up a steep hill very slowly, maybe 20 feet from the top.  A big pickup pulling a flatbed trailer came up fast behind me and crossed the center line to pass me.  The car coming up the other steep side, also near the top, had to take the ditch.  A near-miss.  This is why we drive portions of this route.
This bridge crosses the Mississippi River to Chester Illinois:

Elzie Segar, the creator of Popeye, is from Chester.  His comic strip Thimble Theater was first published in 1919.  Popeye first appeared in the strip in 1929 and became so popular with readers that the comic was eventually renamed after him.
View of the Mississippi from Chester:
Although busy with traffic and still no shoulder, this road was ok for riding in the afternoon.
Our day ended at Little Grassy Lake Campground about 8 miles SE of Carbondale.
Miles = 2555

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  1. Hi, It's Wayne from Epiphany. Nice to see you today Dick. For some reason I thought you were at Crab Orchard Lake and not Little Grassy, with the former being much closer to Rt. 13. Anyway, regardless of the way you went, enjoy your ride. It looks like you and Arlete are having a wonderful time!