Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Poncha Springs

The Gunnison River as it enters Blue Mesa Reservoir:
Farther upstream, just a few miles from Gunnison:
After about 3 hours of riding, I met Dick in the non-town of Parlin where he took over.  The first 23 miles was a gentle grade with about 500 feet of elevation gain.  From Sargents, however, the real climbing began.  10 miles to the top of Monarch Pass with an elevation gain of almost 3000 feet.

As Dick got ready for the downhill, there was an ominous cloud behind him:
Ahead, the lower white cloud was rising up from the mountaintop.  The rain began to pour.  He only made it a few miles before the spray from passing vehicles obscured his vision continuously.
I picked him up and we drove down the hill to Poncha Springs where there were no campgrounds, but there was a nice little motel which we took advantage of. The rain continued off and on for the rest of the evening.

Miles = 1421

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