Monday, August 15, 2011

To Scott City, Kansas

Some days the riding is just ok, other days every pedal stroke takes effort. Today, however we were energized and between us, rode 126 miles - another new record for daily total. After getting an early start, I rode 49 miles, a new record on this trip for me, although it was blasted hot by the end of my turn. I did find a road treasure along the way for the food box. Onions (in very good condition):
Welcome to Kansas!  And suddenly the land looked more prosperous.  The change from eastern Colorado was amazing.
On one side of the road, huge fields of milo or sorghum:
On the other side of the road, corn:
Interspersed were many feed lots where large herds of cattle spend the last 3-4 months fattening up on a diet of grain before they reach slaughter-weight.

When I met Dick for lunch in Leoti, the only open restaurant was a drive-in called Dairy King.  There were two ladies eating lunch at an outdoor table next to us.  Thanks to their generosity, we tried for the first time in our lives, a breaded and deep-fried pickle.  I think it was also the last time we'll have one of those.

Dick was also energized today and rode 77 miles.  We arrived late in the day in Scott City and decided to treat ourselves to Subway for dinner (Scott City with a population of 3800 is thankfully large enough to have a Subway) and a motel.  The high temperature today was 101°.
Miles = 1862

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