Friday, July 29, 2011

Backtracking: Dolores to Matterhorn CG

We left early in the morning and drove back to Dolores where I started my ride along the Dolores River.  It was a gentle uphill grade for 1000 feet elevation gain.
Dick's part of the ride was much steeper, he had to climb 2200 feet.
 Lizard Head is 10,222 feet
He's on the downhill now.  In the background glacier-carved valleys and Yellow Mountain, although it looks like a Hollywood painted backdrop.
Back at camp, we quickly changed our clothes and headed for Mountain Village, a resort just over a mountain from Telluride. 
Telluride and Mountain Village are connected by a gondola system.  Parking in Telluride is difficult, so the local recommendation is to park in Mountain Village and ride the (free) gondola to the other side.
Miles = 1251

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