Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Bryce Canyon National Park

There were still 5 miles of climbing along the edge of Cedar Breaks form me first thing this morning. I stopped at every overlook, the morning light had changed the scene.

The final glimpse of Cedar Breaks before I rounded a corner:
It amazes me that you ride along with so many scenes of sheer beauty and panoramic vistas, and then you come to what looks like a heap of volcanic rubble.  I'm sure Brother-in-law Tom the Geologist could explaine this to me.
Panguitch Lake:
Panguitch Creek along SR 143:

Lots of miles today.  I got a 29-mile downhill, zoom zoom, before meeting Dick in Panguitch for lunch.  He was so full of energy today, he rode past Bryce, all the way to Henrieville.  Together we rode 73 miles today!  We drove back to Bryce to camp for the night.

Miles = 847

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