Monday, July 18, 2011

To Cedar Breaks National Monument

This would be a challenging day.  Although the distance was short, about 21 miles, there was an elevation gain of 4500 feet, 8% grades, lots of traffic, narrow shoulders or no shoulder at all, and road construction.  The road repairs were taking place in a very curvy section with a sign that said "No stopping or standing for the next 2 miles".  There was no one to control whose turn is was to drive through the one muddy lane, so we ferried my bike over this stretch. 
It was a slow crawl up the mountain, although one of us crawls much slower than the other.
Our site at Pt Supreme Campground had a great view.  Mid-June to mid-August is wildflower-blooming time
The view from the Visitor's Center overlook:

It was cold up here.  A high of 65°, a low of 49°.  Also 30% less oxygen, which was noticeable in the bike riding and even walking.  Time to slow the pace a bit.
The sunset almost looked like a forest fire:
Total miles = 774

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