Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Austin

I left Cold Springs Station around 7 am. This building/campground/bar/restaurant is the sum total of this community: There are 18 mountain ranges we must cross between Fallon NV and Cedar City UT. Each is separated by 10-15 miles of flat basin.
From brother-in-law Tom the Geologist: "Basin and range mountains formed due to an up-welling current in the mantle, causing the crust to dome upward and pull apart along faults. The valleys are down-dropped relative to the mountains with faults along the mountain fronts on both sides. If you look at a map or Google Earth air photo of the western US you will see why basin and range has been described as an army of caterpillars crawling north out of Mexico."

Ready for some downhill = zoom zoom. Note the marker on the road which tells me I'm on US 50 in Churchill County at mile 104. They are placed every mile which is helpful because my cyclometer is not keeping accurate measurements.
The remains of a overland mail station for the Pony Express:
The road into (and out of) Austin is brutally steep, but Dick rode this part and he's a very strong rider.
This is our second day of 4th of July celebrations. For a town with a population of 370, Austin had a full weekend of activities.
This local thought she was so radical with her temporary tatoo and flag behind her ear:
Late in the afternoon, Dick hopped on his bike and rode 4 miles to the top of Austin Pass so I wouldn't have to do it in the morning. He went up and back in 45 minutes whereas it would have taken me about 1 1/2 hours - that's how slow I am at climbing.

The view from our campsite. The ball field is the site of tonight's fireworks which are being set up:
This will be the second night we won't be able to get to bed early after a long day's ride.
Total miles = 399

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