Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Matterhorn campground west of Telluride

Since our campsite in Dolores was in the front yard and on the main street through town, we decided to relocate today farther down the road. We chose Matterhorn Campground about 53 miles away and just over Lizard Head Pass. This was the view from our campsite.
I took the day off from riding, partly due to a pulled muscle in my lower back, but Dick wanted to do some riding. He decided to ride to Telluride for groceries, he said he'd be gone about 2 hours, but he underestimated the difficulty of the ride. It was 22 miles roundtrip, but with some steep climbs in both directions. At the 3 hour point, I drove to find him. He was on his way back, but very slowly. I relieved him of his heavy grocery-filled saddlebag. He rolled into camp after a total of 4 hours.
Miles = 1198

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