Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Halfway to Milford

This sign is one reason we're so glad to have a car as support for this tour. Baker NV to Milford UT - zip zero. 14 miles into the ride:
In Utah, you need to beware of skateboarding cows:
I spotted no skateboards in this field:
My part of the ride was mostly a long slow gently climb toward Halfway Summit. Nevertheless, it took me three hours to go 20 miles. Not only is it cooler in the morning for my ride, the wind is also moderate. At the afternoon approaches, a fierce headwind built up, making Dick's part of the ride more challenging.
We're now in the Mountain Time Zone, which meant that Dick finished at 5:15. We were over halfway, we loaded Dick's bike and drove 41 miles to Milford. The city campground next to the fairgrounds, softball/baseball complex, and city park was awful with rocks, weeds, no shade, and ground so hard I couldn't pound in a tent stake. But the worst part: every single bathroom was locked up tight. The only redeeming quality was available water that had to be hand-pumped. We had to drive to Penny's 24-hour diner about a mile away.

Miles = 665

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  1. oh, gotta watch out for those skateboarding cows! What could that sign mean? Hmmm. Must be Utah.