Monday, July 4, 2011

To Eureka

Happy 4th of July! Dick drove me to the top of Austin Pass and I had a nice, but short downhill until it was time to climb to Bob Scott Summitt. Down the other side and to the top of Hickison Summit, where Dick met me and we exchanged riding duties. The small post with the L indicates the location of the extinct Lincoln Highway, the first road across the United States which opened in 1913.
After Dick took off and I got in the car, there was a wildflower bouquet waiting for me. You might be wondering what's plugged into the cigarette lighter: an inverter so Dick can plug in our Sirius boombox and listen to Bloomberg radio while I doing my riding. When I drive, it's in silence. OK, maybe a little Margaritaville sometimes.
Dick had about 45 miles of gentle downhill or flats from Hickison before climbing the last 5 miles into Eureka. I'd driven ahead to find US 50 closed for holiday celebrations. I wandered up the street to see what was going on, but
instead stopped at a coffee shop that had wifi and a fan to moderate the heat. I was greeted by the town's version of the Statue of Liberty and

the newly-crowned Queen of the Eureka County Fair. I love the tiara as part of her cowboy hat.After camp was set up, we went back downtown to get some grilled sausages to put in tonight's dinner that were being sold in front of the Owl Casino. However, the grilling was over. We checked out the fire station where a bbq was happening. One of the guys there said we should check out the cafe next to the casino and ask if there were any sausages leftover.

I went into the cafe, the cashier was busy, I caught the eye of someone working in the kitchen and asked my question. Without a word spoken, he went to the refrigerator and came back with a handful of foil-wrapped cooked sausages. "How much can I pay you?" He just waved his arms oddly and turned away. "Wait, I don't know what that means." He waved his arms again as if to shoo me out the door. "Wow! Thanks. Happy 4th of July." He smiled and went back to work. As they say in soccer, "Scooorrrre."

More fireworks tonight. Third night in a row.

Miles = 468

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