Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Cold Springs Station

As Dick was driving me up and down the road the last two days, he thought the landscape was so beautiful, he wanted to ride the route himself, but his goal was Cold Springs Station, 66 miles away. Within the past year, the somewhat famous Shoe Tree, a few miles east of Middlegate Station, was mysteriously chopped down. This story even made the CBS evening news. It was loaded with pairs of shoes. Those are piles of shoes laying near the tree. It also looks like the tree is disappearing as it becomes fire wood for someone.
There are still two nearby trees with a small accumulation of shoes:
The legend is a man and woman got married in the late 1800s. On their honeymoon, things weren't going so well, so the husband took his wife's shoes and threw them into the tree to keep her from leaving him and going back to her family.

This route is part of the old Pony Express. This is one of the few remaining examples of an overland mail station:

Cold Springs Station is currently owned by a guy who used to farm in the Lincoln area of California, which is just 15 miles from E Nicolaus. They're having their fireworks show tonight - this will delay our preferred falling-asleep time.
Miles = 339

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