Friday, July 22, 2011

To Hite Recreation Area

Today begins Week 5 of this bicycle tour. I rode from Caineville to Hanksville and since it was relatively flat, it was a fast ride. The terrain changed again as we left the Capitol Reef boundaries.

We were disappointed that Hanksville had no Subway where we could have lunch.  There are Subways everywhere, and we've grown used to finding them in the most unlikely places. 
Poor Dick, his ride started on SR95 heading south into a fierce headwind and it was HOT!
I made short leaps with the car, so he could easily refill his water bottles. 

Looking at the Lake Powell from the Hite Overlook.  There a white strip on the other side of the river which turned out to be the very big boat launch ramp.  Our campground would be left of there.  At this moment, I'm not very impressed with what our map called Hite Resort and Marina.
Looking the other direction, on the left is the Dirty Devil River, in the center the Colorado River, both entering Lake Powell.  This is some very brown water.

It was a very hot day, no shade anywhere, no showers, the bathroom a half mile from camp.  Dick decided to cool off in the lake, but I couldn't quite do it myself.
Have YOU ever bathed at a fish cleaning station?  I can now check that one off my bucket list. 
Our camp at sunset:

I've put Hite Recreation Area on my list of LEAST desirable campgrounds.  The ground was so hot when we went to bed that staying in the center of one's Thermarest was essential; it provided the only cooling unsulation.

Miles = 1011

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