Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rest / Ride / Rest

Sunday was a Rest Day.  Monday was a riding day. In the morning, I rode from Blanding to Monticello, 22 miles and 1200 feet elevation gain in 4 hours.
In the afternoon, Dick rode from Comb Wash to Blanding, 18 miles with a 1200 foot elevation gain.  I was so glad to not do this section.  Here he's starting out with a long 5% grade.
At the top, coming through a narrow crevice in the rocks with signs warning "Slide area, no stopping or standing."
He had two more sections of 8% grades.  He finished in less than two hours.  See what I mean about the difference in our riding strengths.
In the early evening, the storm clouds rolled in and it began to rain. Today was a rest day, although we relocated our camp to Monticello so it will be easier for me to ride out of here tomorrow morning. The thunderstorms and lightning continue to roll in. I sure hope it's all over by tomorrow.
Miles = 1112

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