Monday, July 11, 2011

The drive to Great Basin National Park

We left Page AZ early in the morning but couldn't pass up a scenic overlook of: Glen Canyon Dam. Barely visible are rafts tied up on the right side of the canyon. This is the starting point for raft trips down the Colorado River.

Looking the other direction:

Dick says I don't post enough pictures of myself.

Although we left on this little trip to Guaymas Mexico from Ely, we decided not to go back to camp. Instead we chose to stay at Great Basin National Park for two nights. Tomorrow we'll ride east to west back to Ely. The following day, we'll continue riding westward. That's Wheeler Peak in the background.

The road up to the park has some found-object sculptures. Rollin Springs Ranch:

Mr. Bob Wire"

Mrs Wire:

We got the last campsite in the whole park, but only for one night because it's the handicap access site. Tomorrow morning we must pack up and move to another available site.

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