Thursday, July 21, 2011

To Capitol Reef National Park & Fruita Historic District

There goes a nice person early in the morning. Dick climbed the first steep hill for me and then I got to take over.
The view of Escalante-Grand Staircase from Homestead Lookout:
It wasn't all downhill for me, there were a few short steep sections.  I think I stopped at every possible turnout and took a picture, only a few made it to this post.
Almost to Torrey, where we met for lunch, where Dick discovered my front brake had been dragging. 
Dick's turn again to ride while I drove into Capitol Reef National Park.

We camped at the Fruita Historical District, in particular in the Mulford Orchard where the apricots were ripe for the picking.  You are allowed to consume as many as you like for free.  Fruita is a former Mormon 200-acre agricultural settlement that was active from 1895-1947.  No more than 8-10 families lived here at any one time. 
Dick named this his favorite campground so far.
If you want to take some with you, it's $1/pound or $18/bushel (that 55-60 pounds).  A scale is provided along with plastic bags and
ladders and gathering poles/scoops (for us shorter people).
After dinner, the deer were not shy about coming close to munch on grass
or to snuggle down and relax.

Miles = 947

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