Tuesday, July 12, 2011

East to West: back to Ely

It's been 6 days out of the saddle so it actually felt good this morning to get on the bike and ride. Of course the first 7 miles of downhill from the campground to the route was a nice way to start. I'm riding east to west toward Ely, 70 miles away.I'm trying not to post a picture of every summit we crest, but this one was special. I didn't look at the map before I left and only found out after the fact that my climb to Frisco Summit was an elevation gain of 1836'. Partway into the ride, Dick drove up to check on me and discovered I'd been riding with the front brake dragging on the rim. He fixed it and the rest of the climb was a bit easier.
After a downhill run of about 5 miles, Dick met me, we loaded my bike and drove to Ely. Dick then rode west to east, crossed Connors Pass, and finished at my ending point.
Miles = 615

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