Friday, July 1, 2011

To Middlegate

Up early, Dick drove me to Sand Mountain, and I started another day's ride. It's hot in the sun, regardless of the fact that I rode from 8-11 am and only went 21 miles. I did climb two passes, Sand Springs and Drumm, and into Middlegate (about 1200' of climbing). How's that for an excuse for being a slowpoke?
Today's stopping point.
This afternoon we found out Cannondale would NOT replace the frame because Dick had been towing a Bob trailer. Huh? These are touring bikes we're riding, but you void your warranty if you tow a trailer? That doesn't seem right?

Now what do we do? Peloton Bikes in Reno thought they could find another frame, for around %$500, then another $200 to moves the components from one bike to another. Dick considered buying a cheap bike from WalMart. And then, as we were driving down the main street, Dick spotted this machine shop. He went inside and met Arne Martin, and quickly felt comfortable doing business with him. Yes! Arne could weld the frame. But it was 3:45 pm Friday of a 3-day weekend and planned to close at 5 pm, BUT he said he'd wait for us to drive to Reno and back to pick up the bike. We made the two-hour round trip and Arne got right to work.

45 minutes and $60 later, it was almost as good as new. Arne became the first Trail Angel of this bicycle tour. Check out Arne's website. He's the inventor of these camping trailers capable of going off-road: I can think of a few people who should buy one of these, like Gary in Colorado.
Total miles = 273

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